Winter Dreaming

I found a paper butterfly on my car windshield yesterday afternoon — a gift, I’m guessing, from a local child.

My youngest and her friend, dreaming of summer and drivers’ licenses, create a plan of mountains to hike. While a pizza bakes in the oven, she lists summits on their list: Pisgah, Hunger, Belvidere….

I love this. While I worry about these girls driving, about the two of them heading off without a parent or big sister, I love that their dreams involve tying on hiking boots and pushing for summits. I love that they love mountains.

7 thoughts on “Winter Dreaming

  1. My son is graduating from high school this year, and he and his friends are driving across country in a van, stopping at national parks to camp and hike, for a few weeks. They’ve been planning the trip since last year. They will all take turns driving. I’m sure all of the parents are feeling some degree of worry about that and the fact that COVID-19 will still be with us. I had hoped they would all be at least partially, if not fully, vaccinated before they head off on their adventure, but that doesn’t seem likely. A friend and I rented a place at the beach for a week after we graduated high school. I love that their celebration of graduation will be such a grand adventure — it seems fitting for the year we’ve had.

  2. The best sort of dreaming…. I’m reading this from NC where we came with our daughter to drop her off for another round of college life. Lots to worry about, but lots to celebrate too. Summits on our minds as well. And a long covid road trip ahead.

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