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Saturday, my daughter and I drive through Montpelier, Vermont’s capitol city. I’m in the passenger seat, as I always seem to be these days, while she negotiates intersects. Who has right-of-way? When can you turn right on red? Eventually, she … Continue reading

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Hard up for reading material, I get my 15-year-old to drive to Craftsbury, where I raid the free book pile on the porch. In this village, we see no one, not a single human soul, only two geese flying overhead. … Continue reading

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The Me World V. Context

The May my youngest daughter was born, rain fell every day that month. Day after day of deepening sogginess, the earth drinking up that water. She was born on the very last day of May, and in early June, nibs … Continue reading

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Vermont’s Version of Singing Over Balconies

The little boys across our dead-end street invite another little boy to visit. My neighbor and I stand with the visiting mother at the end of our road, talking, my hands dirty from weeding. Although I’ve now lived in this … Continue reading

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May Day

I have my winter tires switched for summers. In the garage, I ask the owner how he is. He leans back in his chair, shrugs, and lifts his hands. I know, I say, but it’s May. It’s spring. He shrugs … Continue reading

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Wild Friends

While waiting for my daughter to finish soccer practice, I wandered down the road and discovered three geese gliding through a wetland. I stood at the wetlands’ edge for the longest time, simply watching, as if by observing I can … Continue reading

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A Few Lines

Long before the pandemic, the trees knew how to guard one place with roots and shade. … Now is our time to practice– singing from balconies, sending words of comfort by any courier, hoarding lonesome generosity to shine in all … Continue reading

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Earth Day gives us snow in Vermont, that poor man’s fertilizer. In a lightly falling snow, I lean against a school building, talking on the phone to my brother while my daughter plays soccer. Snow drifts in flakes about the … Continue reading

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Somewhere in Snowy Spring….

Through a few inches of snow, I follow stone steps down to nearby Lake Caspian, winding around a cedar-shingled house, holding a railing someone has taken the care to build, baluster by baluster. The homeowner wants to build a tiny … Continue reading

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Short Visit

A retired man shows up at my job, looking for a little info and then stays to talk, sitting in a chair while I lean against one of the cement posts that hold up the ceiling, and the building overhead. … Continue reading

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