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A writer and sugarmaker, Brett Ann lives with her two daughters in stony soil Vermont. Her novel HIDDEN VIEW was published by Green Writers Press in the fall of 2015. Let my writing speak for itself.

Face From the Past

Every bird around us is singing this morning. The garden luxuriates in a clinging dew. Unexpectedly, a woman I worked with for a number of years texts me with news she’s in town for a few days. We had last … Continue reading

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Dirty Dishes

I had dinner in someone else’s house. Big deal? It’s been a very, very long, a pre-pandemic time. At the end of an afternoon of a school board retreat, we kept sitting around the table, eating and refiling our plates, … Continue reading

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A thunderstorm rumbles in early Saturday morning, in that darkest spot before dawn. We’re nearly at the solstice, and the days are long and lovely, full of just the right amount of warmth. Our Vermont world is in bloom. The … Continue reading

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Random Tuesday Moment

Late afternoon, shaking off the day’s chaos, a light and very welcome rain sprinkles down. I’m drinking a glass of water and picking a few rouge leaves from here and there in the garden, when I look up and see … Continue reading

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High school graduation this year is under an enormous white tent, surrounded by the community. Not everyone is pleased with the arrangement — that’s pretty much a given — but the tent looks regal, the weather is magnificent, and, well, … Continue reading

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Chaos, Roses, Life.

Friday morning, I’m washing the breakfast dishes when warm liquid runs over my bare toes. For the briefest moment, I think I’m standing in the edge of a warm ocean, and then I realize my kitchen sink drain has broken … Continue reading

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Just before dawn, a brief thunderstorm breaks apart and cools our world, followed by a dawn suffused with rosy and gold light. Much of the town might be sleeping, but the birds aren’t. The clouds move in again and swallow … Continue reading

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Vermont Respite

While the daughters tie their kayaks on roof racks, I sit in the grass, keeping company with hungry bumblebees in the rhododendrons. This hardy plant is doing its thing now, a visual symphony of color. Spring crickets, garden soil under … Continue reading

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Sweet June

Summer in Vermont is so brief that every day matters — or maybe that’s just me, and my own particular worries. Early Saturday morning and the day stretches ahead. Planting in the garden before the rain. Work emails to answers. … Continue reading

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Emerald Moment

We pulled into the DMV exactly on time for my daughter’s driving test exam. I sped while driving there — lousy parenting example — but at the very last moment before we left, it seemed we needed my daughter’s social … Continue reading

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