Car, Deer, Collision: Tuesday

Driving to work, listening intently to an NPR piece about the capture of Saddam Hussain, I hit a young deer. As these things often go, in a kind of slow motion I see the deer leap the guard rail and then stumble.

Braking, I pull over on the graveled shoulder, and the tailgating pickup behind me roars by, in some godawful hurry. While the traffic continues to rush by, I stand there in my sandals, a breeze blowing my thin sundress above my knees. I haven’t brushed my just-washed hair yet, either, so I’m pulling long hair from my eyes and mouth as I walk back along the road. But the deer is gone — whether off to die in the lush and flanking forest or free, maybe even okay, I don’t know.

Gently, rain begins to fall, just a few drops on my face and hands, maybe a harbinger of an all-day soaking rain, or maybe that’s all, simply these few drops on the roadside, while I’m wondering what’s happening in that forest.

If we are lucky, the end of a sentence is where we might begin.

— Ocean Vuong, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous


Notes from kids beneath the library backdrop….

4 thoughts on “Car, Deer, Collision: Tuesday

  1. I am glad you are okay — hitting an animal can leave you shaky and unfurled. So many dart out where we live. The woods certainly are a place of mystery to us but a place of solace to the animals. There is hope for the deer.

  2. So glad you aren’t hurt! But how rattling it is. I hit a deer in the dusk one year and it left excrement on my windshield, a hairline crack in the glass and a dent in my hood. I could see it continue to bound up through an orchard and hoped it wasn’t too injured to survive. xo

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