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Mini Road Trip

Last night, as my younger daughter was getting into bed, her sister says, Want to go on a field trip? In the dark , we drive around the mountain on our dirt road, passing precisely no other vehicle, and suddenly the … Continue reading

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Lounging on the Lawn of the Loony Bin

When my older daughter was a babe-in-arms and all through her toddlerhood and young childhood, she and I delivered tiny bottles of maple syrup for wedding favors, usually tied up with ribbon or raffia, with a small slip of colored … Continue reading

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Kid Chat

The May my younger daughter was born, rain fell every day, from May 1 to May 31. At the beginning of June, cornfields sprouted shoots of green, and the summer turned sweltering. We are yet in the rainy phase. Everyday, … Continue reading

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What Is

When I was in graduate school and teaching an intro creative writing course, I was walking down the library steps one afternoon and suddenly realized I knew almost nothing about writing. Why nouns and verbs, for instances? Why anything for that … Continue reading

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Craigslist Adventure, Again

After 10 pm last night, in the rain and profuse dark, a stranger with one eye appears, wanting a military truck I’d posted on Craigslist. My teenager grabs a flashlight and insists on coming, too. By his car headlights, he … Continue reading

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Soil Writing Exercise

In a writing workshop I attended years ago, a professor grilled another student about a field she had recently driven by. What emotion did the field evoke in you? Older than me and not a close friend, the student was a woman I … Continue reading

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Lovely Girl

Oh… parenting a teen. More daffodils, please. Devour sunlight. Dig up the first shoots of emerald garlic and fry the savory greens with eggs. Read. Nourish a flourishing sense of humor. When we get into a mood of complaining about … Continue reading

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