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A Sweeter Version of Macbeth’s Day to Day

On our back deck yesterday, my 19-year-old and I talk about the crickets, how their songs are lengthening and yet quieting at the same time, their strength slowly leaking away with summer. The sunflowers are high in our garden. This … Continue reading

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Opening Up

On a muggy afternoon, my daughters and I swim in a cold New Hampshire mountain stream with my brother’s girlfriend. She suggests going to the ocean the following day. I see my younger daughter’s eyes — the quiet girl — … Continue reading

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Morning Notes

An August Sunday list with the daughter: put up dill pickles can peaches write questions for tomorrow’s interview pick blackberries pluck Japanese beetles from the bean vines and feed this salad to the hens bake a tart in the pan found … Continue reading

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Settling In

Years ago, when I sold syrup at the Stowe Farmers Market with my toddler, she spilled water down her dress, and I hung the wet one over the back of a wooden folding chair to dry. Later that day, a … Continue reading

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Feather Pens

Last night, in a wild windstorm, we were lucky to have the lights go out. My teenager and I had – painstakingly – filled out her college financial aid papers, and, at the very end, I could not electronically sign … Continue reading

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Non-Academic Grit

In my twenties, I made a decision which changed the course of my adult life: I left the academic world and threw in my (considerably small) fortune in agriculture. My former husband and I sugared for nearly twenty years, on … Continue reading

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Rough Draft

The ten-year-olds are at their fort building again; odd pieces of plywood have been scavenged, a long 2×6″, silver spray paint glistens a joyous arc in this early morning dew. The project is all rough draft. No terminal point of … Continue reading

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