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Ides of August, Buying Gas

Stopping to buy gas late in the evening, I walk into D&L and immediately stop: the familiar clerk is mopping the floor. It’s so muggy, even long past dark, that he holds the back of his wrist to his sweating … Continue reading

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A Postcard From Vermont…

…. might include a redwing blackbird suddenly rising from the stream behind the post office as you emerge from the weed-lined path with your brass key. The bird’s feathers hold the hue of burned-out embers. Or a crumpled Bud Lite … Continue reading

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These Unbroken Days

Nearly July, we’ve had rain, and we’ve had sun — an apt metaphor for life, I suppose. Early this morning when the sun spread its inimitable crimson across the horizon, and the cats stepped on my hands, reminding me gently … Continue reading

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To water or not to water? The Vermont gardener question. With my sandy soil, I’m watering — a showery hymn to growth. One of the hottest and driest places I’ve ever been is Utah’s Hovenweep. A few years ago, my … Continue reading

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Why Love Teens

When my older daughter was a teen and invited over a posse of girls, I was always amazed by just the size of the girls — so much young female energy and just so much talk! They eat like crazy — and … Continue reading

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August Fragrance

My car stunk of shit when I arrived in Vermont’s capital city Friday afternoon, the debris from an enormous manure spreader I’d passed on a dirt road in Calais jammed in the undercarriage. Add to that, the fat stalk of garlic … Continue reading

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