Succor of Apple Trees.

Five years ago I sold a house with an old apple tree in the front yard. The house I bought had a young small apple tree that not even a child could climb. This morning, five years later, I climbed into the tree. The hot day is cool there, the leaves rippling in a breeze, the unripe apples hard knots.

A week of such national chaos. However your political affinities lie, the reversal of Roe V. Wade and the January 6 hearings inevitably trickle to all of us, shaking what seems like a national consciousness utterly unified, unmoored, adrift.

Hence, my apple tree. I’ll just leave this here.

“What seems real one moment is fiction the next and gone out of existence the moment after that. Nostalgia is the greatest enemy of truth, and change our only constancy.”

— David Budbill

9 thoughts on “Succor of Apple Trees.

  1. I guess we’d like to think change is for the good. But clearly the apple trees just keep on growing no matter what madness we humans get up to.

  2. “However your political affinities lie”…..we have got to get back to this or face the consequences of division. It’s happening in my own family. Each position hardened to the point of exclusion. Whatever shall become of us all?

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