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Simple Saturday

I make an error knitting a hat — I skip the beginning half of a cable round. Compensate for the error and hope it’s not apparent? Or unravel (again) and start over? Thus, the allure of craft — the potential … Continue reading

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Where We Are Now

Winter socked us in early this year, the old sheet I used for covering the remaining mesclun greens still draped over the garden fence, nailed down to the earth by snow. Preparing to read Mary Azarian’s Snowflake Bentley book to the … Continue reading

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See Our Territory

Small town living isn’t always so saccharine sweet — I’m no great fan of Norman Rockwell. At soccer games, you’ll meet the parents of the child who slighted your own. Argue at school board meetings, and you’ll discover one of … Continue reading

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Launching, Laughing (and Learning)

Stronger than espresso, spring roars into Vermont this Sunday afternoon. Busy, busy, those singing robins building their nests. Busy me, emptying ash buckets and raising mud-soaked pallets from a wood pile burned to cinders back in January. But it’s the … Continue reading

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And A Little More Tension All Around for Everyone?

A recent unpleasantness with my eye meant a seat in the opthamologist’s chair, where I was reassured to hear at least I had good eye pressure going for me. I mean, that’s something. In the garden later, plucking a drooping and dying … Continue reading

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As a mother of a teenager, I do actually listen to her music, and I’ve noticed it’s pretty much the same old American story: the good times are on their way. Be a little more daring, and the guy will … Continue reading

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Flowers of All Sizes

My daughter picked a piece of a dill flower in the garden today, then noticed her sprig was a miniature version of the whole. Curiously inspecting, she saw the symmetry reflected again in a smaller blossom-within-a-blossom. For the longest time, … Continue reading

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