This May has been exceptionally beautiful, with a profusion of blossoms and warmth. Living in a village now, we reap the benefits of lingering outdoors in the evenings, with no black flies gnawing our bare skin.

In this vaccinated world, a headiness rears, too. My daughters are suddenly gone, this way and that, one grown up, the other nearly so.

In the evening, I sit on the covered back porch, breathing in the scents of lilacs and rain.

The drama of spring unfolds around all of us, blessedly so, this year.

5 thoughts on “Sweetness

  1. I think blossoms have been spectacular this year. Even tulips seemed to last a month (well, not quite) such a bounty of lilacs (finished here, I’m afraid) and now we’re on to iris. And yes – the girl here is also moving beyond boundaries venturing into the city for a weekend – something we couldn’t imagine a month or two ago.

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