Little Bright Bits

A friend and I have a habit of emailing back and forth requesting send me something good. We’ve been doing this so long now that I can’t remember when we started, although I’m nearly 100% certain this began in a long Vermont winter.

Generally, we offer little bright bits — a book to share or a decent recipe. Yesterday, she emails about the rising full moon. Drivers along the County Road pulled over and took photos.

Little bits that are maybe not slight at all.

After dinner, my daughters and I bundled up against the sharp cold and went walking in the silvery moonlight. We hadn’t dressed warmly enough and shivered by the time we returned. Chattering, my girls were exuberant that winter had finally arrived in all its radiant beauty.

That gleaming round moon, the sparkling snow, a warm house: solid strands of our web.

  Barn’s burnt down 

     Now I can see 

     the moon! 

— Mizuta Masahide

Photo by Molly S./Hardwick, Vermont

11 thoughts on “Little Bright Bits

  1. Love the Masahide poem! I admit Brett, the last 2 days here in North Carolina as our family has been enjoying the crisp lunar silver slivers stabbing through the night tree shadows I have wondered if you, your family, and your readers are all looking at the same moon right now? GT

  2. Always nice to hear from you — although I’m guessing it’s much warmer in North Carolina now than it is here. What a gorgeous moon — the same moon who gazed on the terrible Black Plague years so long ago. I hope all is well with your family. Best wishes for a sweeter New Year.

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