Teen Dreaming

What’s up with the lilies in Vermont this summer? Even my kids noticed they’re crazy tall — like an advancing army of flowers, about the coolest thing imaginable, in a summer that’s turning not so temperate.

Now fully a teenager, my 14-year-old is not a street-legal driver, which in rural Vermont makes a real difference. She and her friends have their eyes on the road, anxious to spread beyond this small town.

Summer to her now seems interminable; I remember that sense as a small town girl myself, as though the hot days would just keep appearing, one after another. While I’m at work, I leave her alone for long periods of time, with two cats and a list of chores and the freedom to do what she wants, within these physical confines.  I don’t know if that’s wise or not — but at the very least it gives her the space to imagine….



4 thoughts on “Teen Dreaming

  1. I look forward every day to reading your posts! I am fascinated by and admiring of your ability to connect your musings on life to other poets [Issa, Buson, Basho, Budbill, and on…] and other writers’ writing. I smiled when I read this post, because just the evening before I had read David B’s
    Day Lilies (after Buson #341)
    The day lilies cut down by the roadside mowers
    go on flowering
    in the evening rain

    I also love the accompanying photos you partner with your musings, especially the ones by Molly S. She has an amazing eye and ability to capture so much in her exquisite photos! Thank you for your writing.

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