Flipflop Cobbler

All day long yesterday, June hummed along, perfect in temperature, glossy green but not over-brilliant, busy with hummingbirds, bumblebees, a few stray mosquitoes.

What a day, everyone repeated, all through these hours capped off with a retirement party. One high school student shared the story of the facilities manager who repaired her broken flipflop when she was six. He used duct tape and a staple, gave it a test wiggle, and said, It’ll do.

‘Auto Mirror’
In the rear-view mirror suddenly
I saw the bulk of the Beauvais Cathedral;
for a moment.

— Adam Zagajewski



June, old quarries, Barre


One thought on “Flipflop Cobbler

  1. Summer comes and goes in fits and starts this year! Busy with grads and college visits this past week, but enjoying your posts along the way! Here’s to memories of flip flops and duct tape. I can relate.

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