Lucky Charm

By the side of Route 14, my younger daughter leaps, waving at me to stop.  Nearby, her sister’s car is pulled over.

Flat tire.

The older daughter rails about her brand-new tire, likely ruined, and then her younger sister says simply, It’s just a flat tire.

“Flat tire” may become our new mantra — our own, hey, lighten up, change the tire and move on — maybe even a talisman, as if the tiny bit of ill luck might ward off the greater.

September 23 — birthday of the young man we’ve known since he was 1, who’s logged a million miles on his bike and is heading to Europe for even more. Safe travels. Much happiness in your new decade.




2 thoughts on “Lucky Charm

  1. Thank you Brett, so sweet of you to remember my grandson on his birthday. Isn’t it exciting that he has turned out so adventurous? I’m very proud of him and his mom who schooled him so well!

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