Reading Aloud.

Steerforth Press asked me to read the audiobook version of my book, Unstitched. I’ve never recorded a whole book before, so it’s been an intense experience to read the entire book, word by word, just a few feet from a stranger. The book blends both nonfiction and intensely personal memoir. I’m not talking about writing about memories of weeding a garden, either.

Now, in the last phase, while I’m listening to the final version, it’s a fascinatingly educational experience to hear this book I wrote read aloud to me, in my own voice.

One thing that jumped out immediately at me is that much of this book is about being a single woman with two teenage daughters, and how much I’ve figured out in my life without a man. I wouldn’t categorize this as a triumphant, let’s banish the men story (my God, I feel like I can and do whine like there’s no tomorrow), but that theme of woman threads all through this book.

Here’s a snippet of a review in the Deerfield Valley News by Laura Stevenson:

The book’s title comes from the conversation between Stanciu and the father of the girl who overdosed. Looking at the church that will become a social center not just for those in recovery but for everybody in town, Stanciu remarks “everyone’s so busy working that no one seems to have time or energy to put into groups … that used to keep people connected.” He replies, “We’ve come unstitched, … We’ve got to stitch the darn thing back together.” … This is a deeply compassionate and extremely important book. Every Vermonter should read it.”

12 thoughts on “Reading Aloud.

  1. What a great thing – to have your book out there with your voice, in every sense of the word! I look forward to reading this. As with your blog, I know it will hit home for me.

  2. The quote to me echoes Putnam’s work from about 20ish years ago- “Bowling Alone”. (Note I would not count the “rise of youth sports” as a Putnam refutation since most of youth sports are people amping up their college applications:) Looking forward to reading the book!

  3. Congratulations on your forthcoming publication. I, too, narrated my book, and it was a daunting experience, four days in a chair that had recently hosted Tara Moss. No pressure there! Also brave of you to listen back. I’ve only ever managed to listen to a few paragraphs of my own voice.

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