Strange Bed

The forecast for this Vermont Christmas is 100% rain, which pretty much sums up the year 2020.

From work, I take home a donated cat bed, lined with a downy fuzz and nearly new. When I set it on our living room floor, our cats approach with caution, sniffing, and then begin growling, doubtlessly sensing some former occupant.

A dog? Or simply some stranger?

All evening, our pampered house cats pace around the bed, suspicious. But, in the morning, I see our tabby Acer curled up in the bed’s center, sleeping, paws over shut eyes, tail tucked beneath his chin.

And so it: 2020 and on into 2021. Wherever each of you are, dear readers, I hope you take some comfort in this strange bed of where we are, as our planet slowly turns back toward the light, again.

Cutting with the ax,
I was surprised at the scent.
The winter trees.

— Buson

Hardwick, Vermont

About Brett Ann Stanciu

A writer and sugarmaker, Brett Ann lives with her two daughters in stony soil Vermont. Her novel HIDDEN VIEW was published by Green Writers Press in the fall of 2015. Let my writing speak for itself.
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13 Responses to Strange Bed

  1. Penny says:

    Cheers to the light – thank you for bringing so much through your words. Truly.

  2. Yes to the light! Thank you for reading. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and words all year long. As our light slowly returns, I choose hope for the coming year. Light, hope, and some better days ahead filled with hugs and kisses and thankfulness for being with others.

  4. Alien Resort says:

    They wanted to make sure it wasn’t still in there, hiding among the creases.

  5. Susan Purinton says:

    Dear Brett Ann, This seems like a good opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog every single day. It’s a treasure. I hope you will publish it some day. Thanks so much.

    • Dear Susan,

      Thank you so much for this kind note. I really appreciate this! I often have little idea who is reading my blog, and so it’s particularly nice to hear from readers who I don’t know.

      Happy New Year to you and yours!

      — Brett

  6. Nancy says:

    Thank you for your writing and perspective…I read every day💐

  7. Nancy says:

    Thanks you every day for your writing and perspective 💐

  8. You live in a very pretty part of the US. Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the year 2021.

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