On the cusp of turning 15 — 15!— my daughter lounges, reading the newest installment in The Hunger Games. Across our short, dead-end street, the little boy digs in his sandy driveway with toy trucks, talking to himself, busy in his world. By the afternoon, his whole family splashes in the kiddie pool.

We are waiting for rain in our quiet corner of Vermont.

The cool breeze.
With all his strength
The cricket.

— Issa


14 thoughts on “#Porchlife

  1. We are in the season of regular rain. the joke here is “What do you call two days of rain in Oregon? The weekend!” Pretty soon it will dry up until October but not yet.

    • Wow! Weirdly, the weather this May in Vermont reminds me of New Mexcio’s beautiful climate — hot and dry — but, of course, Vermont isn’t a desert, and our gardens and woods are thirsty for a downpour.

      • We have to irrigate here in West-Central Oregon, but this Saturday we are supposed to get 1.12 inches so I have another week to get it set up.

  2. Did you ever get any?? We’ve been in a constant cloud here in CT – and I was looking forward to a soaking – especially for our recently planted community garden plot. Barely a drop! So disappointing. Best wishes to the birthday girl!

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