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Early Hours

In the night, rain thickens to snow. Wind has washed away yesterday’s balmy temperatures. The cats and I are awake hours before the girls, myself with that eternally running list and dialogue, the cats warm-pawed and hungry. Satiated with their … Continue reading

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Hill Farms

A drawback to easy-access tech is a proliferation of images, everywhere. And then, this. From the library, I picked up Richard W. Brown’s The Last of the Hill Farms: Echoes of Vermont’s Past, a stunning book published by Godine, with … Continue reading

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Vermont Currency

My neighbor offers to pay me to stack her wood. I reply she can’t pay me, but I would stack it anyway. The woman and I stand in her yard, looking eye to eye. I am inches below five feet. … Continue reading

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Balmy Days (Yet)

This autumn gives us day after day of warmth, and while the days’ length dwindles, the light oddly expands as the branches shake down their leaves, opening up the landscape around our house and on the distant mountains, too. The … Continue reading

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Here In Kid World

My daughter sends me a photo via email with the subject line “Awesomeness.” How cool is that? Yesterday, home after work, with dinner not yet made, and the house messy with potential buyers expected the next morning, a litany of … Continue reading

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One More Reason to Like Vermont

Vermont’s Congressional delegation came to our local high school yesterday, Hazen Union in Hardwick – Bernie Sanders with his mighty vehemence and voice, Leahy with his longevity, and Welch with his even-handed thoughtfulness. Welch joked that Vermont’s delegation could meet … Continue reading

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Treasures, Literary and Otherwise

While I wouldn’t count a generous wage as one of the perks of working at a little library, the benefits are incomparable: kindergarteners who sit at my desk and ask the sharpest (and funniest) questions, then inquire about the status … Continue reading

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