Here’s a strange thing — we had bring-your-own dinner on our lawn last night, around the fire, with two friends — socially distant, with an awful lot of chatting and catch up.

Now, I’m beginning to accept that our world will never return to how I once understood it, even a few months ago. But how, and when, will we begin to understand each other again? Relate to each other? Be with each other? So much uncertainty.

Maybe this is how the world begins to open up again — eating chili on the grass, smoke drifting over the garden, my daughter’s friend bundled in her coat, a hat jammed on her head, laughing.

When you truly understand one thing—a hawk, a juniper tree, a rock—you will begin to understand everything.

Ellen Meloy, Eating Stone: Imagination and the Loss of the Wild


6 thoughts on “Opening….

  1. I’ve been asking these questions too. I guess we all (alone) are asking these questions. Do we need to find the answers alone? Can we find a way to answer them together? I guess as the weather warms and we gather on the lawns the answers will come. xo

  2. One of my friends (older, single) wrote “I have not touched any skin but mine for fifty days” and it really hit me how hard much harder this must be for many people. So many ways we used to connect are no longer possible, but we are social creatures so new ones must be developed. I have no idea what that looks like, but I am interested in seeing what develops.

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