Marvelous May

Vermont May is a fairytale world — brilliant spring flowers, black manure, green grass — and, this year, the strange lurking demon of coronavirus.

I’ve lived in New England for most of my life, and yet every year, spring never ceases to amaze me with its beauty. Birdsong, a forest floor sprinkled with pink and white spring beauties, gold daffodils. The lilacs are budding — again, this year, we will have lilacs, their fragrance sweetly scented around our house.

The neighbors with their three little boys are home, always home, blowing bubbles to us. I sow pea seeds, pull leaves from the rose beds. Afterward, my arms are covered with scratches as though I have fought a lion. The woodchucks multiply around us. I check my garden fence.

And yet, we seem stuck in some weird pause. Strangely, instead of texting my brother about summer hiking or Maine plans, we text back and forth about trailheads closed, unemployment, printing money.

Day by day, we text. Seed by seed, I sow my garden.

O the month of May, the merry month of May,
So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green!


Home — where we are

8 thoughts on “Marvelous May

  1. Yes – New England Spring is lovely. Plastic off and windows opened yesterday and the entire atmosphere in our house has shifted. I envy you your lilacs – a nostalgic, delicious scent. I have one bush too far from the house and the blossoms mostly out of reach – their perfume floating away to the neighbors. One of my past planting fails.

  2. That looks to be a very nice room on the second floor – that’s where I’d hang out on ‘down time’: reading, sewing, starting indoor plants. Nice post.

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