Does the Moon Shine More Brilliantly?

Here’s Saturday afternoon in the palm of my hand.

Here’s what I also discovered that night, as I poured a quart of water to douse our campfire for the night: the half-full moon shone brilliantly — astoundingly bright — as if a full moon over a fresh snowfall.

Am I crazy? Or has the lack of emissions already brightened this celestial beauty? I stood there, for the longest time, wondering.

Isn’t this what we’re all doing these days? Simply wondering….


Photo by Molly S.

4 thoughts on “Does the Moon Shine More Brilliantly?

  1. I’ve read a few articles about how much the air pollution has lessened dramatically over china and India, and that probably means over us as well. I have also noticed the brilliance of the night sky, or maybe I’m just looking harder! Some incredible environmental things are happening such as the dolphins returning to the canals of Venice. Lots of little silver linings around.

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