Bright Lights, Sparkly City

This stepping out of the nest thing?

Wow, has the internet changed the world from my 20th-century youth. Via I-phone, my rural Vermont daughters rented their first solo AirBnb in Maine, to check out a college. My older daughter texts: It’s busy here. So much is happening.

Ocean, lights, dinner in a hippie place kind of like Vermont.

Meanwhile, the cats and I have holed up in my office, eating curry and drinking espresso. Plenty happening here, too.

I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.

— George McGovern


Photo by Molly S.

6 thoughts on “Bright Lights, Sparkly City

  1. Curious which college. We’re in the throes of the search and so many questions about the future. The internet helps and also complicates the life of our young ones. Too many choices? Makes for confusion and indecision too. Cats and espresso. That sounds lovely. xo

    • Community College of Southern Maine — very specifically, she’s interested in their nursing program — which might not be your daughter’s interest. Freezing rain here. Hope it’s nicer in your Vermont place. xo

  2. George McGovern was a decorated WW2 pilot. Like many of his generation he never made a big deal of it, even when Nixon called him coward. When a person like that speaks about war, one we should listen.

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