Postcard From Our Corner of Vermont

When I was 20, I taught myself how to adjust the valves on an even-then ancient Volkswagen bug. My millennial daughter, in contrast, takes great pleasure in hoisting her kayaks on her roof racks, showing up the quarreling boys beside her who wrestle with their rowboat.

On a Monday morning of a week that will end in August, the last of our Vermont summer months, hurray for young muscles. I’ll breathe in some of your good cheer.


2 thoughts on “Postcard From Our Corner of Vermont

  1. I thought you’d be amused to hear that yesterday, Monday, on our way to the horse stable, my teen and I talked about cars and driving and how I changed the oil, plugs, and filters on my old VW Bugs during my younger days (I had three Bugs over those years). XO

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