Cream Moon

The other night, my friend and I stand on my back deck, watching the moon rise above the black horizon, a curved sliver at first, then quickly revealing all her radiant round beauty. In the house, my daughters and their friends play a game at the table, eating brownies and laughing. Little white lights sparkle above their heads.

The next night, fever lies me low, and my girls are awake in the wee midnight hours, comforting an oddly crying cat. As I rise out of the fever now, I think of how glad I am to return to our life. Worn out before, as we all get — buried beneath the everyday accrual of putting together work and life and parenting, and the non-everyday weight of am I failing? — I’m simply glad to return to the jumble of our lives, in this somewhat sleep-starved life, keeping the midnight shift, reading in bed or wandering around to the windows to admire the moon. Oh, the autumn moon.

Children grew in their sleep. They were growing now, bones lengthening like bamboo.

— Melanie Finn, The Underneath


Photo by Molly S.


6 thoughts on “Cream Moon

  1. This is very inspiring, I can feel the strength in this narrative, this is so powerful and has a lot of depth. Loved it.

    Hey, I am Ragazza, I hope you could visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you. Cheers!

  2. Three sentences and I can see it, and smell it, and almost feel the air, were it not for my recent experience of oppressive humidity. Molly’s photo also draws me right in. ♥️

  3. That’s one of the hidden blessings of getting sick… the opportunity to be reminded of how good it feels to NOT be sick.

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