Fat Garden

A monarch butterfly followed me to the post office. Since the store closed last year, the village is quiet — only a garage and the post office remain open, and the post office keeps merely afternoon hours. Save for the elementary school, the town feels emptied out.

With no one around, I walked with the butterfly along the dirt road, until the winged beauty turned and fluttered over the weeds along the stream.

September: with the weather still warm, the frogs sang last night. Just before dusk, the girls and I picked a mountain — and then a mountain more — of tomatoes from the garden. More to put up. The younger daughter keeps track, satisfied, with our harvest.


2 thoughts on “Fat Garden

  1. Beautiful. I know I keep saying that about your posts, but it’s true. I look forward to your writing every single day! Also, I would very much like to visit your village. It sounds wonderful 🙂

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