Parking Lot Humor

A friend once remarked to me that my older daughter has a “very thin scrim” between her and the world. Last night, returning with the girls and their skis, we stopped at a supermarket in Waterbury and wandered through the mostly empty store. When we walked back to my daughter’s car, she stopped and remarked about the car parked very near to hers: What a dick move. She edged around to her driver’s seat and said with absolutely no rancor at all. This is the kind of parking job I would do.

I laughed. I mean — parenting? It’s hard. It’s darn hard. The thinness of that scrim gets to me. So any humor? Send it my way……


One thought on “Parking Lot Humor

  1. When my son was five he correctly used sarcasm in a joke. I was so thrilled I called my ex wife to tell her. Being from California she didn’t share my joy at the occasion. 17 years later his humor is still Sahara dry and deadpan, and shields an enormous heart.

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