We’re nearly at midwinter, the turning-around point of early February. The ice is hard; there’s snow; the light returns, an extra dipperful of it each day.

There’s that Currier & Ives vision of midwinter, nestled deep in fluffy snow that I’ve experienced in a few flashes. This year, unease eats us all around the edges, in strange kinds of ways. A shortage of kitty litter in the supermarket. What does that mean? Maybe nothing worth thinking about at all.

I buy a gallon of paint at the local hardware store. The young man who mixes it went to high school with my daughter. He puts the paint to shake, and I wait and wait in my winter coat and my knitted hat. I remember the first summer I canned so much from my garden and the endless jars I bought here — invested in, really — so many mason jars. High on a storage shelf above my head are those boxes of Ball jars, waiting for tomatoes and green beans and chutney.

He reappears, his face mostly hidden behind his mask. With a key, he opens the can of newly mixed paint. For a moment, he stands there, studying it. Then he asks if that yellow is the right color. I tell him, Yes. He hammers back on the lid, then pushes the can towards me. Good luck, he says.

As I walk out, I wonder if he means good luck with the color, or the painting, or just generally. But what’s the point, really? We all could use a little good luck.

Lovely review of Unstitched in Carved Spines. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Color.

  1. Reading your words takes me back home for a few precious moments and I am grateful.

    Strange times we are in – who would have thought there would be shortages like this. Luckily, cat litter can be fashioned from sawdust if need be – or peat moss even. Cheaper too. Might want to look at grabbing a bin or barrel full over at the sawmill – just in case. It made for great compost material in my cottage’s off-grid toilet, so the fur baby will be fine with it. 😉


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    • This painting is one of my prized possessions — a gift from my daughter. I’m thinking to head into our tiny dining room with the paint next, which will likely require more paint….

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