Mud. Snow. Ice. What Next?

I met a friend yesterday, and we took a walk we’ve journeyed in various seasons — in bright green spring, in the summer when we admired flower gardens along houses. Yesterday, we walked through frozen mud ruts and sprinkles of rain, the jumbled up season and time of where we are.

On this New Year’s Day, I’m passing along a VTDigger story written by Kevin O’Connor about a Vermont couple’s 4,000 World War II letters. A history lesson and a love story — isn’t that what we need right now?

Kent’s Corners, Calais, Vermont

9 thoughts on “Mud. Snow. Ice. What Next?

  1. Thanks for the link to the wonderful 4,000 letters story in Digger! It’s a surprising world- this morning I opened your site & up popped a different banner photo. And I could see the number of comments readers made. It’s been since last spring that I haven’t been able to see other readers weighing in on your words.

    • Hi Nancy,

      I loved this Digger story! I’m glad you hear you like it, too. Finally — I’ve managed to reconnect comments to my blog. Thanks for your patience. Here’s hoping for a smoother 2022…. 🙂

  2. Comments are back! Love the pic, my parents rented the old Kent’s Corner Inn (it was called the White House, at least colloquially) when we first moved from Enosburg to the Calais area. This would have been around ’77, maybe ’78.

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