A Little Less Domesticity

I was reading last night when my daughter opened my door and asked what’s happening. Through the opened windows, a fox was screaming — a chilling sound — as if a child was in distress. The fox wandered in the woods and ravine behind our house, coming and going, calling.

Eventually, I turned off my light and lay in the darkness. Our cat sat on the windowsill, pressed up against the screen, listening to the wild world. What a relief — simply the natural world, hungering.

The power of dissent is a rich part of who we are.

— Sameer Pandya, Members Only



4 thoughts on “A Little Less Domesticity

  1. Yes, the natural world tethers us. At least that is where I am anchored. Your last sentence reminds me of this poem I saw on the wall, some years back, in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) where my son was on life support for 3 and 1/2 weeks.

    There is a brook in the mountains
    nobody I ask knows it’s name.
    It shines on the earth like a piece of the sky. It falls away in waterfalls,
    with a sound like rain. It twists
    between rocks and makes deep pools.
    It divides into islands. It flows through
    calm reaches. The years go by,
    its clear depths never change.
    ~ Ch’u Ch’uangl

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