Ripping Off the Edge of the Band Aid

Last night, I attended a town emergency meeting with just a small number of people. These are all people I know in one way or another, and I’ve attended countless meetings with different combinations of these people: school board meetings, town meetings, select board meetings, library trustee meeting, Old Home Day committee meetings….

Woodbury has always been a town that epitomizes warmth, and that was the same last night, physical distance between all of us notwithstanding. In addition to discussion about the food shelf and where to store the increased supplies the state is sending our way — in addition to noting who’s elderly and in particular need — we also talked about who among us was still working, who’s still getting paid, and the endless possibilities about what might be coming our way.

I closed the town library yesterday, too. When I locked the door, I wondered when I would leave that door propped open as I have so many times.

If there’s one thing that’s very clear, it’s that the coming time will require us to delve deeply into creativity, into reimagining and recreating our world. I’m grateful to live in Vermont, where those reserves of community and mindfulness guide our towns. My thoughts with all of you, as each of your places in the world shifts, too.


4 thoughts on “Ripping Off the Edge of the Band Aid

  1. I am not trying to be political here, but I watched the address of the French President Macron last night (where he said six times “nous sommes en guerre”). The French people in general don’t love him, but he is at least so much more thoughtful than our President. He encouraged the French to establish new intergenerational links during this time, and TO READ. Can’t imagine hearing that message here!

    • I appreciate this comment — which is beyond political bias. The President, in my view, has exhibited an appalling lack of concern for the welfare of the people.

      I’ve emphasized to my daughter that if there’s one thing she can do to keep her education strong, it’s to read. Of course, reading does require some interest in literacy…. and maybe I’ll just leave this here.

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