Winter Things.

On the cow shed

A hard winter rain;

Cock crowing.”

— Buson

My daughter “relocates” a plastic pink flamingo. The prank is insanely refreshing to me. I’m on a long string of evening meetings, negotiating the adult world in all its complexities, and I surface now and then, checking back into the kid realm. She makes hot chocolate, complains about a lengthy reading assignment.

Early winter: ice over the compost bin. A red cardinal noshing at the feeder. The hard whack of an ax through firewood.

Here’s a link to my commentary in VTDigger.

Elmore, Vermont

6 thoughts on “Winter Things.

  1. Thank you for speaking out. I am relieved you and your daughters are now safe physically even though, like so many of us, the memories likely continue to haunt you. Sending peaceful energy your way.

  2. The VT Digger commentary was right on and I commend you for shining a light on systems (legal, societal, corporate) that are contributing to additional burdens related to the already monumental dangers of domestic violence.

    Thanks, Brett. You’re awesome.

  3. I am sorry to read about what you had to endure. I truly can’t imagine having to live through things like your describe. I hope your commentary makes a positive difference.

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