Sunday morning, I took my broken sink drain pieces to the hardware, laid them on the floor, and asked for help. At some point, I realized I’d need to be an active brainstorming participant, although, let’s face it, in the scheme of things, this isn’t exactly brain surgery.

I paid my twenty bucks and headed home.

Here’s the thing — when I began screwing these puzzle pieces together, I realized I’d have to go off script again. The floor drain was epoxied together, and then spraypainted white, as added glue.

I reached in my kitchen drawer and pulled out the super glue. Will it hold? Who knows.

But here’s the more important thing, the water’s flowing. Our kitchen is humming with cooking and cleaning again.

In these dim November days, I often find myself thinking back on my life, wondering what would have happened had I gone this way, or that way. Foolish, maybe, and definitely nonproductive. And yet, like a wound, I can’t help touching that.

9 thoughts on “Sink.

  1. Off script with plumbing!! Good for you, and glad it is working so far.

    Have you read Penelope Lively’s Making it Up? She revisits choices she made in her life and fictionally writes what may have happened if other choices or events may have led to something different.

  2. It’s always so tempting to ask ourselves the “What if I had…” questions, but I suspect we would probably make most of the same decisions if we could do it over again. We made those choices for a reason, and they got us to where we are right now. I ask myself, “Isn’t this a pretty good place to land?”

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