Little Gummy Bears

Dirty, grubby, road-salt-stained: that’s my midwinter boots.

Walking down Montpelier’s Main Street, on a whim I stop into Delish, the candy store. Not so long ago, my younger daughter eyed their door each time we walked by. Yesterday afternoon, on my way to meet someone for an interview at Capitol Grounds, I impulsively walked in, bought a small white paper bag of chocolate-covered gummy bears, and slid it in my backpack to take home to her.

I’ve been mothering — a mother — for twenty-one years now. Not a single day — and hardly an hour, it seems — has passed when I haven’t been actively or mentally engaged in parenting.

Now, my older daughter is all grown up, busily writing her own narrative about work and college and a complex network of friends. In our house, it feels like all of us are on precipices — of turning 21, of adolescence heading toward young adulthood, and myself. Even the cats are keeping busy. Midwinter? Oh yes.

Happy final day of January, 2020.


8 thoughts on “Little Gummy Bears

  1. I also am looking forward to your new book! Hope the process goes smoothly. It is a glittery day, with the icicles flashing brilliantly in the sun, as fiery as any diamonds could ever be.

  2. That cat looks ready to pounce and totally muss up your arranged papers. Cats always live in their own realm, after all, and we just inhabit it:). GT

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