Home Work

Frost sprinkled around us last night. I hear the local reports on Goddard College-supported WGDR this morning while the cats stretch on the sunny kitchen floor. Alan LePage in his Curse of the Golden Turnip radio show takes calls and shares his farmer’s intel on climate change.

Halfway through the weekend, our house lies in actual physical chaos: the upstairs floor I bungled painting and must repaint. Failure, I remind myself, clasps hands with creativity.

In Vermont, season’s change — from a luxuriously warm summer to chillier fall where the shadows hold no light — begs interior reflection, too. Where are we headed? Or, what’s the plan?

As part of a larger writing project, I’ve been interviewing a woman in recovery from opiate use. Again, what impresses on me is the constant motion of life, that while our past imprints on us, marking each of us indelibly, life goes on.

A misprinted floor — wrong paint — is so minor, a mere irritant. A surmountable challenge. Perhaps, a sheer piece of luck.

With writing, we have second chances.

Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything is Illuminated 


4 thoughts on “Home Work

  1. Love your blog. We are painting our bedrooms and I am having second thoughts about the new colour choice, your post reminded me that it’s not the end of the world to make a mistake, most especially when it comes to painting, we can always do it again.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I was so incredibly irritated at my painting fiasco, maybe because it’s just such small potatoes compared to my other mistakes….. I’m going to think of repainting as a chance to catch up on some of those Rumblestrip podcasts. But I hope you like your color choices!

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