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Rain fell yesterday morning. I stood in my dusty garden, thinking, Bring it on. Halfway through the morning, the light held the thin green translucence, like we moved in a piece of sea glass that was alive. All afternoon in … Continue reading

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By lucky chance, I start reading Joshua Mohr’s Sirens — memoir of writing, drug use, broken spiritual and physical hearts — and I can’t stop. The slender book reminds me of when I was twenty, reading Death on the Installment Plan in … Continue reading

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The Ties That Clinch

A few years ago, when my sister’s kids and my kids started spending more time together every summer – beyond a few days’ visit – we hit a point one summer when all three of younger kids were either mad … Continue reading

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On the Quest

Reading literature with teenagers. Continue reading

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Reading, Now and Then

Back when I was in high school, I copied Salinger’s Seymour Glass and wrote quotations on index cards and thumb-tacked the cards all around my desk. Some days, it feels like veritable centuries have passed since my high school days, … Continue reading

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This Small, Good Moment

When I was 17, I was infatuated with James Joyce. I remember watching a documentary with a woman who knew Joyce and described the undercurrent of his life as filled with tristesse. I was learning French at the time and found … Continue reading

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A Need for a Nap

The other day, I sat beside a woman who was breastfeeding her baby, and I remembered just how physical were those early years, so much milk and baby holding, so much need and so much affection. Mothering growing girls remains … Continue reading

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