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Hiatus in My Signs of Spring Project

About that April is the cruelest month line….. Wind tore around the house last night, howling. I left this morning in the dark, with clouds rushing over the waning moon. It was so early the sky was yet that deep … Continue reading

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Hardwick Postcard #1: Start Here

The front steps from our yard to the street reflect a time when people walked more. These days, the walkers in town are mainly kids and adults who, for one reason or another, don’t drive. When I closed on the … Continue reading

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The Sweet Spring Season

Signs of spring: The school busses won’t travel on the backroads due to impassably muddy stretches. The superintendent sends an email: Drop off your kids to meet a bus at the corner barn… An enormous flock of singing blackbirds in a … Continue reading

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Autumn: Coyotes Howling

Last night, reading in bed with the windows open, I heard a pack of coyotes yipping 0n the forested hill behind our house. Abandoning my book, I lay with my eyes closed, listening to the way those wild creatures howled, … Continue reading

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