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And A High Today of -10º

We’re surrounded by cold. Two days of school this week. The air cuts. The cats have wholly given themselves over to this season, indolently lying on blankets, nestled in cardboard boxes and the laundry basket, wrapped in each other, luxurious … Continue reading

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October, Vermont

This has been a terrible week in Vermont news, involving brutal violence against young women, their mothers, and their children. I don’t usually write about violence and domesticity, for a very raw reason: I am one of those women who … Continue reading

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Launching, Laughing (and Learning)

Stronger than espresso, spring roars into Vermont this Sunday afternoon. Busy, busy, those singing robins building their nests. Busy me, emptying ash buckets and raising mud-soaked pallets from a wood pile burned to cinders back in January. But it’s the … Continue reading

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A Sharp-Edged Sword

In my novel, I’ve taken a line from my daughter and woven it into a teenager’s dialogue: “What the flip?” the adolescent says, over and over, a tepid variation of an obscenity. At a tense junction, the girl uses obscenities, … Continue reading

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Revision, Again and Again – Or, Happiness

One of my first introductions to my daughter’s elementary school was the all-school hike, all 51 kids on an extended walk through the woods behind the 100-year-old schoolhouse. Of all the school activities, this is one of my very favorite, a … Continue reading

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Hope Springs

Some unexpected events in our thawing patch of Vermont: dinner guests of chatting children eating grilled eggplant and chicken wings, with gusto exquisitely beautiful poems read at the Galaxy Bookshop last night – and adult companionship, too clouds of frog eggs, … Continue reading

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May the Road Glaze Up to Meet Us….

No school today, due not so much to snow but to ice. While I was gone most of the day, literally sliding on Barre’s sidewalks, the kids were home. With great gusto, the teenager plowed the driveway, while the ten-year-old … Continue reading

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