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Hill Farms

A drawback to easy-access tech is a proliferation of images, everywhere. And then, this. From the library, I picked up Richard W. Brown’s The Last of the Hill Farms: Echoes of Vermont’s Past, a stunning book published by Godine, with … Continue reading

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Empty Rooms

I haven’t bought a house in twenty years, and I’ve never sold one. In my teens and twenties, I lived in all kinds of places, from a tipi to a trailer to a string of apartments, but my daughters have … Continue reading

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Slouching out of the Teen Years

This morning the February light shone with that clear and pure quality, as if it might endlessly extend, as far cry from December’s cramped miserliness. Three nights running now, I found myself after midnight slouching on the couch with my … Continue reading

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July has reached the point where it’s tipping into August, early summer already flown past. Biking with my daughter along the road last night, I felt the shadows’ coolness, their dimness harboring a deepening darkness. Nonetheless, growth roars on, the … Continue reading

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