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Local Wanders

When I lived on 100 acres in fairly rural Vermont, I didn’t imagine we’d change that story. 100 acres is a large chunk of land, and those 100 acres didn’t end at any boundary save a single dirt road along … Continue reading

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Our Lives, Seen and Unseen

A few minutes early to collect the 12-year-old and her friend from track practice, the 19-year-old and I take a walk around a neighborhood circle near the high school, passing a house I considered buying but didn’t. Full of excitement … Continue reading

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Yearling Bear

Driving alone up Vermont Route 12 this morning, in a forested area that winds between two ridges and along dead-tree-choked swamps, I spied a young bear on the pavement ahead of me. There was no one but me and the … Continue reading

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My dear daughters sometimes  look at the books I’m reading and moan, How can you read that? My Struggle? Come on, mom….. I read on, I read on. In this cool and rainy Vermont July, my nephew and daughter picked wild … Continue reading

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Fishing My Place in the River

This morning, my daughter’s friend tapped the fishtank and remarked, “Fish are like birds.” Busy picking up stray socks or something, I nodded and said, “Right, yeah, they’re all in the animal kingdom.” But something made me turn and look … Continue reading

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