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Holiday Break

  Agenda in a time of fear: Be not afraid. When things go wrong, do right. Set out by the half-light of the seeker. For the well-lit problem begins to heal. A few lines from poet Kim Stafford’s “Citizen of … Continue reading

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When In Doubt, Do Handwork

My 19-year-old, pondering what to do with her life, buys fat skeins of yarn and begins knitting a blanket. The metaphor of comfort consoles me, too. I just read David Grann’s The White Darkness, about Henry Worsley, descendant of Frank Worsley, … Continue reading

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Happy Arkhipov Day

Two mothers relax on the floor of my library with their babies when my dad sends me an email reminding me that October 27 is Arkhipov Day. Not yet a year old, the babies haven’t begun to walk. Their smiles rise … Continue reading

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April Showers Bring….

Sometimes all day, days, rain falls, writes poet Janisse Ray. Waiting for the school bus this morning at the driveway’s bottom, with the robins and redwing blackbirds silent, and not even a solitary crow winging its way through the mist, the … Continue reading

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Tightrope and Travels

Over the internet today, we heard news a local Vermont high school was evacuated because of a bomb threat. Immediately, my coworker and I thought of our children, although none of us had kids in that school. That experience – … Continue reading

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Bridge Over the Abyss, With Baby

Today, in a grassy field, with sunlight everywhere and school children running around, another parent told me about a long bridge he had frequently crossed as a young man, and how at times he had been afraid of that bridge. … Continue reading

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Autumn: Coyotes Howling

Last night, reading in bed with the windows open, I heard a pack of coyotes yipping 0n the forested hill behind our house. Abandoning my book, I lay with my eyes closed, listening to the way those wild creatures howled, … Continue reading

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