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Flipping the Question

The summer I had my second daughter in 2005, the term “peak oil” surfaced in my world, first from a neighbor who came to see the baby. The term itself wasn’t so disturbing, but the potential social unrest was mightily … Continue reading

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A New Compact?

Snowed and iced in today; no school. My teenager, lying on the couch, reads the news aloud, then shows her sister and me image after image. Although I’m hardly ancient, photos were never so prolific in my childhood. In her … Continue reading

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Who Shows Up

What’s for dinner and politics fill a chunk of our household conversation these days. My Facebook-loving teenager keeps me abreast of the social media world, while I’m in the world of Democracy Now. As we hurtle towards this contentious presidency, I … Continue reading

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A substance taken or given to counteract a particular poison. Ingredients of today’s antidote:  discussing a local school board plan while those mysterious blue flies re-emerged from frost-trodden greenery in the unexpected balminess, the tiny creatures hovering in the balmy air, trimmed … Continue reading

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A Sharp-Edged Sword

In my novel, I’ve taken a line from my daughter and woven it into a teenager’s dialogue: “What the flip?” the adolescent says, over and over, a tepid variation of an obscenity. At a tense junction, the girl uses obscenities, … Continue reading

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