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Reading Harry Potter

Like in-laws who have overstayed their welcome, winter lingers. While you might be wanting to mop mud from the in-laws’ boots off your kitchen floor, they keep coming and going, anticipating lunch and then dinner. So, too, winter. Sunday afternoon, … Continue reading

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For dinner last night, my daughter fried beef for enchiladas. From the garden, I brought in a basket and began washing vegetables. Here, throw in slender leeks, sweet red peppers, onions with their fat greens. I filled a salad bowl with … Continue reading

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Weighty Reading

A 8-year-old boy appears in my library and asks for a copy of the wrinkle book. He’s looking for Madeline L’Engle. When I place the book in his hands, he holds it, staring at the cover. It’s an old hardback … Continue reading

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The Value of One Word

My 11-year-old opened a box with a brand-new puzzle today and said happily, “This smells puzzle-y.” What a world this is, where a kid can make up a word that’s indicative of so much – winter evenings around a table, … Continue reading

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The Barbed Past

Hefting rotted stumps in fall clean-up today, I tripped on a surprising strand of rusted barbed wire and tore my pants. What crude past is this, surfacing near my well-trod woodpile path? Whoever strung this barbed wire is no doubt … Continue reading

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Construction Paper

This morning, colored paper leaves spruced up our kitchen windows. My teenager had spent some late hours busy with arts and crafts and Netflix. Our house is the better off for this. Which got me to thinking… what are the … Continue reading

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Autumn Commences

I took an unusual route to work this morning, in an attempt to avoid construction, and was rewarded with fog so rich along the valleys my little car crept along, the headlights no doubt mere smears in the white layers. … Continue reading

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David Budbill, Poet

A few years back, I packed up my manuscript and mailed it across the river to a poet I’d read for years but didn’t know. The poet read my manuscript, emailed me, drove up my icy back road, and had … Continue reading

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Emerald Heart

Hard, cold rain woke us this morning. In her pajamas, my younger daughter knelt dreamily at the window and murmured, I love the sound of rain, while my teenager rolled over with news it was a bad idea to get … Continue reading

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Revision, Again and Again – Or, Happiness

One of my first introductions to my daughter’s elementary school was the all-school hike, all 51 kids on an extended walk through the woods behind the 100-year-old schoolhouse. Of all the school activities, this is one of my very favorite, a … Continue reading

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