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Left the Shoes on the Back Porch…

After a day of brilliant sunshine, rain moves in during the night. My daughters’ cats, in the screened windows, wake me with their hungry mewing, against the background chorus of steady rainfall and birdsong. Arriving home from work, I see … Continue reading

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Delight of the Dandelion

This is May’s golden heart, when blooming coltsfoot crosses over with dandelion blossoms. Years ago, when my daughter was four, her preschool was in a white clapboard Unitarian Church on a lake frozen solid white all winter, in summers sparkling … Continue reading

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On the Road

Every now and then, I find myself (generally with my kids) in some space of time, either waiting for this particular thing or that, often under duress, and generally beside some road. Is this just American life? That so much … Continue reading

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10,000 Things

My math-loving daughter, seeing a page scrawled in my handwriting, asked me what this 10,000 things is all about. I could say infinite multiplicity; I could say maya or phenomena. Or how about something that make might more sense, like September 5th in … Continue reading

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Summer Woods

Driving with my daughter this afternoon, she remarked that time seemed out-of-whack — like the day had already progressed to after-dinner time, when really it was late afternoon.  I told her the longest day of the year is nearly here. … Continue reading

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