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Hardwick Postcard #1: Start Here

The front steps from our yard to the street reflect a time when people walked more. These days, the walkers in town are mainly kids and adults who, for one reason or another, don’t drive. When I closed on the … Continue reading

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Bit of Breeze

I stood on my back deck last night, leaning against the house and watching my friend get out of her Subaru with a bowl of meatballs. My daughters had strung white Christmas lights all over the barn’s front side that … Continue reading

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Bright Spot

There’s nothing like a carful of laughing girls to whisk away despair. While the girls skied, I walked down to Big Hosmer Lake and sunk my hand in its cold water, thinking of my older daughter at 12 and how … Continue reading

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Last Week of November

My female friends, thinking of middle school, cringe – like me, too – as though we’re all reliving those years. Just months into middle school with my second daughter, it seems to me the heart-wrenching agony is driven by a … Continue reading

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Good and Evil

When the holiday is finished, the dishes washed and floor swept, guests departed, the teenager headed to her nursing home job, the 12-year-old and I walk down to the post office in the dark, to drop a letter in the … Continue reading

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Long Nights

With the time change, darkness drifts in early, aided by rain. Like an old friend, the long nights are familiar. When I return from work, just after five, my 12-year-old is not jumping on the trampoline, watching for me. Instead, … Continue reading

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In Between Seasons

And then suddenly it’s November, and the foliage is flattening to gray, the tamaracks beginning to burn their golden torch flames. Like a memory, the bones of trees appear again – oh, branches have been under your leaves all summer. In … Continue reading

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